About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Financial Understanding for Today’s Economy


We are Committed to Empowering Americans Everywhere to take Control of their Financial Futures through Education and Implementation of the right Products and Services.  We Help Americans from all Walks of Life, Understand how to Make THEIR Money WORK wisely for THEM and their Families.


WWA200Who We Are

We are People who Want to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others.


We Believe in Teaching YOU Financial Truths that You May Have Never Known…  Sharing Financial Tools that Help YOU, Not Stockbrokers, Bankers or even the IRS!

We Believe that YOU Shouldn’t Have to Shrink YOUR Dreams to Fit YOUR Current Situation…  Together we can Implement a Plan Incorporating Timely Steps to Obtain YOUR Goals and See Those Dreams Come True!


dreamstime4080873=What200x200What We Do

We Create Confidence for Your Financial Future


1.  We are Here to Help YOU Gain the Financial Knowledge Needed to Achieve Those Dreams and Goals of Yours.  Most people want more money – but we want to ask you “Why?”  People have dreamed of opening their own restaurant, starting their own non-profit, helping people or causes dear to them and among the most noble… taking care of their families.

2.  FESA’s Unique Business Model Enables Us to Focus on YOUR Needs and Provide Unique Solutions for Those Needs.  Because we are independent, we can offer you the BEST solutions to meet YOUR needs (ideas rarely found elsewhere).  We are not bound to any one company.

3.  At FESA We Educate People First So They Can See if They Have a Need for Our Services. We teach you on the best way to utilize traditional tools and also introduce you to new tools relevant for today’s economy.  Then we learn more about YOU, about YOUR goals and passions.  Together we implement strategies uniquely created for you to succeed.


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