Our Core Principles of Operation


INTEGRITY – Absolute honesty with our clients, vendors and each other is the only option.  While consequences cannot be avoided, there will be no punishment for the truth.  It is essential to maintain purity in relationships and no other standard is acceptable.

 ACCOUNTABILITY – We are first accountable to God.  As an organization, we will hold one another accountable for our actions.  We will also pursue input from our family.  Ultimately, we stand ready as our customers hold us accountable to meeting their needs.

TESTIMONY – The true measure of our success is the reputation we hold in the community we serve.  We will model Judeo-Christian ethics.  We must walk the talk.  Our actions will model our words.  Each associate will operate with the highest level of effort, responsibility and judgment.

LOYALTY – Long term relationships are more important than short term profit…with our clients, vendors and team working together to grow together.  Our primary commitment is to our family.  Success in the workplace is no substitute for success at home, but our goal it to accomplish both.

HARMONY – Each of us has a responsibility to work together and to resolve any disagreement quickly and equitably…this applies to conflicts between officers, associates, clients, and vendors.

SERVICE-ABILITY – We look for opportunity to exceed our customers expectations.  Fulfilling their needs will always be our first priority.  We will assume ownership of any problem until it is resolved.  Entering a relationship means we will support it fully.

FLEXIBILITY – We will look for continuous improvement.  We anticipate and welcome change.  If it is moral, ethical, legal and profitable, we will consider how to do it.  We will look for unique situations than can create new opportunities.

COUNTRY – We will abide by the ruling laws of our country, state and municipalities.  We will show our pride and gratitude with respect to our government and support the United States of America.  We acknowledge the blessings we receive as citizens of these United States and value the heritage from which it stands.

COMMUNITY – We will be good citizens of our communities by investing our time in projects outside the workplace.  Each associate will be involved in a civic endeavor in the local community.

PHILANTHROPY – The investment of money in worthy causes pays big dividends many times unrecognized.  The company will contribute a percentage of our revenue to charities and ministries.

PROFITABILITY – Financial responsibility is an automatic by-product of integrity.  We will pay our bills promptly.  Revenue and expenses will be managed to provide opportunity and security for our associates and staff while each of us strives to deliver value to our clients, associates and shareholders.