Innovative Ideas Rarely Heard Elsewhere

FESA aims to inform You on the Best products and strategies for Your Immediate and Future Needs.   Innovative ideas that are rarely heard elsewhere… but are recommended only if they make sense for YOU. 

Some generally accepted strategies previously assumed to be smart actions have not proven to be fruitful.  They may benefit the broker,  bank,  investment firm or tax collector, but they fall short to the investor.  However, there are new ways to use traditional tools as well as fresh new methods to make YOUR money grow safely and securely.

Whether we see you in a group workshop or one-on-one consultation, here are just some of the questions we can address for you:

  • Is a 401(k)/IRA investment right for me? Are there better alternates?
  • Are there ways to secure my money and get significantly better returns than bank CDs?
  • How can I make large purchases without draining my account or going into debt?
  • How can I better protect myself, my family and our assets?
  • Is there a better way to start saving for my children’s education and maximize financial aid than a 529 Plan?
  • How can I lower my taxes? I don’t want to be Uncle Sam’s most favorite relative!
  • How can I protect my investments from stock market roller coaster rides?
  • How can I make sure I’ll NEVER run out of money in my retirement?
  • When should I start taking my Social Security? Will there be Social Security for my generation?
“I wish I had learned about this idea years ago!”   Ramona S.

Americans are so busy with the obligations of today’s fast paced world, they often fall victim to being less than prepared for the realities of both seen and unforeseen financial obligations.  We help them put the assets and protection in place to take care of these obligations.

We Educate you FIRST to see if you have the need for our services.  Then we will learn about You, and Your Needs.  FESA will then suggest strategies and products Most Appropriate to meet Your Needs and Attain Your Goals.  There is no cost for our education to the client.


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